Love to Love, Stays© | with audio

Love won’t leave when love asks for more of it

Love to love, stays


Love is a delicate yet strong dance

Of push and pull

A determined yet dual-minded commitment

Of will and endurance

A resolute giver yet receiver

Of affection and affirmation

An illogical yet survivalist twist

Of with and without

A choreographed yet tethered balance

Of give and take

A resolute yet discerning choice

Of stay not stray

Love won’t leave when love asks for more of it

Love to love, stays

2022 ©Dawn Minott All Rights Reserved

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In creative solidarity, Dee

23 thoughts on “Love to Love, Stays© | with audio

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          1. We must help each other. I have befriended many writers. Some writers gave me sage advice. We need the negative too dear Dawn. I am rewriting old stories. I have five more to create ending for. I struggle with ending. I want good endings. But hard to find good endings.

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            1. I firmly believe that it comes to you when you’re ready to receive it. For me I sit with it till I find the right words to truly express what I wish to communicate. I have a few pieces in the draft folder waiting for just the right time to complete. Hang in there, your endings will come.

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    1. Thanks much Warren!!!!

      Have a testing question for ya: is the audio link readily visible as you view the poem? I often wonder if readers see the link readily or if I need to flag it for attention. Thanks in advance for your feedback 😉🙏🏽😉

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