‘Twas The Night Before Christmas: The Return of Jesus© [a poem, with audio]

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‘Twas the night before Christmas that Jesus returned
All through the universe, not a sound was heard
Not a creature stirred, not even a mouse
There was half-an-hour’s silence in the Father’s house (Revelation 8:1)

My children reluctantly crawled into bed
I tucked them in snugly with a kiss on each head
No one said a prayer, and no one was aware
That the second coming of Jesus was awfully near

I sat on the sofa, exhausted and tired
My favorite show I must watch before I retire
As soon as it’s finished, I’ll read the Bible
And say a quick prayer, if I’m still able

When out from the east arose such a clatter
I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter
I raced to the window in a lightning flash
Tore open the louvers, and lifted the sash

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But ten thousands of angels proclaiming: “Jesus is here!” Jesus is here?
In spite of myself, fear drove me away
I wasn’t prepared for this to be the day

Jesus had the Book of Life held in His hand
With a thundering voice He called the name of every redeemed one:
“Now Mary … now Joseph … now Ruth … where’s Esther?
And David … and Dorcas … come on John …where’s Peter?

No! That can’t all be
You still haven’t called me
I cried, and wept, and pleaded with Him
“Look again—please—my name must be within”

I looked into His eyes, how they narrowed with pain and sorrow
As His nail-pierced hand pointed me to my darkest tomorrow
“Depart from me, I know you not”, I heard Him sadly say
Condemned. No more time to seek forgiveness, I sadly walked away

Then I saw the condemned running to and fro
To hide from Him seated upon the majestic throne
Their horrid screams penetrate the hollow night
They were caught in a dreadful, inescapable fright

Had I not been told, I would not believe
The looming, ghastly and frightful scene
The whole earth began to heave and shake
Great mountains moved by a mighty quake

The bowels of the sea moaned and groaned
Sending shivers through an already petrified crowd
The lost continued to curse their plight
As one by one they were slain by the radiant light

They slept engulfed in death’s deep slumber
Undisturbed by the trumpets and a voice so tender
It was the voice of Jesus as He summoned the just:
“Awake! Arise My children! Time to shake off the dust!”

Into their tombs glorious beams find their way
Awaking each with a gentle touch and a sway
And one by one they came up from the grave
Standing face to face with their Savior of Grace

As quickly as a wink they were all changed
Up, up and away they swiftly flew out of range
Then I heard Jesus exclaimed ere He rose out of sight:
I’m taking My children home where there’ll be no more night!”

His children. His children did not include me
For I had practiced “religion” to a T
Squandering salvation gift He gave on the cross
And now my soul was eternally lost

I cried in despair as Christ disappeared from my sight
If only I knew this would have been the night
I would have let go of religious obsessions
And brought before the Lord all my sins in confession

If nothing else from this poem fell on your ear
Believe me Jesus’ coming is quite near
NOW is the time for you to walk in His way
Not sooner or later, but right now—today!

Though this poem was a dream, soon it will be
The day when Jesus’ return we’ll see
Repentance then will be too late
Won’t you enter now through mercy’s gate?

2022 Dawn Minott All rights reserved
As appeared in Moments: A Poetic Heart Journey
Mostly drawn from Revelation 6

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In creative solidarity, Dee

9 thoughts on “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas: The Return of Jesus© [a poem, with audio]

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  2. Viv H

    This is a wake up call for us, because this is exactly what will happen if we are not careful. The time is at hand and we must act upon it now. Thanks for sharing, I thoroughly enjoyed.

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