Springtime Bunny© |with audio

It’s spring time

I’m abounding with joy

There’s a cute little bunny that drops by the garden each spring

He’s an elusive frisky little fella

Ears always at attention, pointed straight up to sky like soldier resolute to flight, not fight

At best I’ve managed only to stare longingly at “His Royal Cuteness”

Face pressed up against the window pane, I stare intently

In fear, that even a flutter of my eyelashes and he’ll bow out

This is the year

Armed and ready I am

I’ll not concede or give in on this relentless pursuit

This is the spring where he’ll surrender to the will of my intent

Suspending his whim of flight for a moment long enough for—

Aim . . .

Shoot . . .

Got it!

The shot I’ve been pursuing in spring times past

My spring time bunny visitor

Forever captured, frozen for a moment-in-time, behind bars


Caveat: It’s not 99 words or less as Charli asked for this story challenge in 99 words prompt but I couldn’t resist resurrecting this piece from Spring 2021.

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In creative solidarity, Dawn

7 thoughts on “Springtime Bunny© |with audio

    1. Yes last summer she left her babies in the garden and they had a belly full every day. They were happy my fliers weren’t. Let’s see what happens this year. If they’re back I’ll have to protect the flowers somehow (another thing I’ll need to google how to do🙃😀🙃)


      1. Sometimes an 18″ fence around the exterior is enough, depending how determined they are (and delectable the plants inside are). I’ve had them burrow under a fence (I have to bury it a couple inches) or jump over it. Good luck!

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