Life Lived in Poetry©️Dawn Minott |with audio

Before-word: Life is line upon line of experiences grouped together like stanzas, arranged like verses in a script // expressed with voice, diction, sound, rhythm, meter // understood through figures of speech, symbolism, allegory, imagery // structured in syntax and scheme // with strong, accurate, interesting words deliberately chosen to give meaning to life — LIFE LIVED IN POETRY.

From the source of spiritual cosmology
Conceived in rhythmic movements
Birthed through pulsing, pushing
Punctuated by intermittent pain and joy

Giving meaning to the ineffable
Obscured in allusions
Developed in plots
Composed in stanzas

In fragmented syntax of challenges and victories
Linguistic coding lyrics of uninhibited joy with unimaginable sorrow
Alliteration of life’s idioms of transformation
Reciting poignant epigrams of wondrous elocution
Live life

Live life
In metres to know and be known
Evolving through spiritual healing
Resolutely declaimed: live in the everlasting now
Climaxing in all that was created

2023 ©Dawn Minott All Rights Reserved

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In creative solidarity, Dee

17 thoughts on “Life Lived in Poetry©️Dawn Minott |with audio

  1. Viv H

    Thank you so much my friend for a job well done as usual. I appreciate the fact that you are sharing your exhilarating poems and proses with us. Your delivery is always so beautifully put together. Continue to inspire me.

    Liked by 1 person

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