Shabbat Shalom: Dear God, How Will I Know?

Not every opportunity is a blessing. Not every open door is for us to walk through. Not every closed door is a missed opportunity.

When we come to know, understand and accept that our lives are not a game of luck and chances but rather the accumulation of decisions and choices, then we want to be careful, thoughtful and prayerful about the decisions and choices we make.


Shabbat Shalom! May you be observant and discerning of the circumstances of your life, and be open to hear God’s leading and be willing to follow.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

13 thoughts on “Shabbat Shalom: Dear God, How Will I Know?

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  2. harripat

    Thanks for the prayer Dawn. The key is knowing God’s voice. If we have a relationship with Him, we will recognize when He speaks to us. Every voice we hear is not the voice of God.

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